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About TherapyWA

Our Mission

At Therapy WA, our mission is to help you maximise your independence by providing support and empowerment with you at the centre of every decision.

Therapy WA is about empowering people to realise their true potential. We are more than your therapy team – we are friends, collaborators and motivators. Our unique partnership approach is deeply human focused and family oriented, where our job is to work alongside you to make decisions with you (not for you).

Our teams focus is YOU and helping you achieve your best life. We provide supports for people living with an array of disabilities, pain and injury. TherapyWA believes the best outcomes are achieved by working with you or your child in everyday living environments. TherapyWA comes to you wherever that may be.

Supporting NDIS Participants

Supporting NDIS participants – With considerations of our mission, values and objectives the NDIS brings an opportunity for Physiotherapists to support people with physical and non-physical conditions. For example, people diagnosed with Autism or who have psychosocial or intellectual disabilities can benefit from Physiotherapy. The possibilities are endless, but supporting a child with Autism to ride a bike, for example, can positively impact their ability to socialise, make friends and set up healthy exercise practices for life.

“Facilitating an adult to build their strength, mobility and confidence to get into and out of a car to drive, can create a new level of freedom and independence.”

Our Objectives


At TherapyWA we love what we do and we love our people. We are your friends, collaborators and motivators.


At TherapyWA we stand by you, supporting you through the ups and downs life can throw at you. Together we will achieve your best physical and mental health and promote overall wellness and quality of life.


TherapyWA does the heavy lifting. We invest in the providing you with the best team there is through education and experience.

We’re passionate about empowering you to be your best.