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What to Expect From your Physiotherapy Appointment

8th December 2023

Hello and welcome to our new blog, Therapy WA Talks! Here we will give an insight into what it is we at Therapy WA do, shining a spotlight on all thing’s physiotherapy, the weekly happenings of our therapists and giving our amazing clients a voice.

Therapy WA is a WA owned and ran mobile physiotherapy service servicing the Perth Metro area. Our focus is on making physiotherapy accessible to all, with a patient-centred, functional, and fun approach.

The silly season is well and truly upon us, but the world of physiotherapy does not stop, and we have had a busy week visiting our clients and admiring the festive touches they have added to their homes. However, we know Christmas is not a happy time for everyone and can be a stressful time for lots of people. Be mindful of this when spreading the Christmas cheer and be aware that not everyone enjoys this time of year. Our job is to see our clients in their homes, in a safe and comfortable space for them, providing the physiotherapy services they need, but also a listening ear and a friendly face. At Therapy WA we pride ourselves on empathy, compassion, and kindness – something that can be even more important this time of year. We will touch on this more in a later blog, but don’t forget to put a smile on someone’s face this festive season and be mindful that festive cheer is not for everyone 

In today’s blog we are going to talk a little about what to expect from physiotherapy.


What Can I Expect from My Physiotherapy Appointment?

We understand that physiotherapy can be a daunting experience, and for lots of people it may be their first time accessing this type of service. Always remember our therapists are happy to answer any questions, will take things slow and explain as much as needed, and will be friendly and understanding to your needs and abilities (we may be biased but we promise we have the kindest staff in WA ;))

So, from the beginning:

On receiving your referral from our online form, support co-ordinator or other means such as doctor, family member etc. one of our physiotherapists will contact you via your preferred method to make an appointment. We know life is busy, and lots of our clients have many other appointments, so we will endeavour to fit in a time that is suitable for YOU.

On the day and time of your appointment, your physiotherapist will come to your home with all the necessary equipment needed to carry out your physiotherapy assessment and treatment. We LOVE furry friends, so feel free to allow us to meet your dog/cat/snake/fish – they are part of the family too 🙂

Our first visit is often having a really good chat about your history, your condition, associated issues or difficulties you may be having, and the goals that you would like to achieve with physiotherapy. We will then carry out a thorough assessment, using tools called outcome measures to assess your function at baseline and work out what we would like to improve upon. Goals are very important to us at Therapy WA, and it is our role to help you achieve them. Goals are unique to everyone and depending on your condition/stage of your disability they will look different from person to person. We will talk about the things you previously enjoyed doing, and the things you would like to do in the future, and build physiotherapy goals around this specific to you, and your needs and wants. Goals will vary from small segmented functional goals such as sitting unassisted for 10 seconds to long term ultimate goals such as return to employment or education. These will be tailored towards you and your needs and will be discussed at length with you on our visits.

We understand pain is an issue for many of our clients, and it is also part of our responsibility to assess and manage pain, alongside our rehabilitation role. This will also be assessed on our first visit and will be taken into great consideration in formulating our treatment plan for you. All our physiotherapists are trained in pain management, manual therapy, soft tissue therapy and dry needling which can form part of our sessions if and when required.

From here, we will discuss our plan going forwards including a suitable time for your appointments. We strive for consistency and fitting in around you, to help with compliance and ease of access of our services.

Our subsequent sessions will then take place at your home, utilising the program your physiotherapist will develop for you. This is based on the findings at assessment, your goals and aspirations, and functional tasks you would like to achieve. We will do our very best to work alongside you, with encouragement and vitality, to help you achieve these goals and “reach for the stars”.

Alongside the sessions taken place with your physiotherapist, they may also provide you with a home-based exercise program to carry out independently or with family/support worker or may recommend a Therapy Assistant to assist you with a rehabilitation program. This can also be provided by Therapy WA.

Physiotherapists are movement specialists, and functional tasks will be broken down into specific exercises and goals in working towards the ultimate achievement of the task. For example, the goal of improving mobility may be broken down into gradual lower limb strengthening – starting with gentle quads strengthening, progressing into sit to stand exercises, and onto squats etc. The rehabilitation will be taken at your pace, with gradual progression – always with gentle encouragement from us.

Most of all, we will be your biggest cheerleader, your motivator, and your guidance in living your best life, reaching for the stars and achieving the goals and life you want to lead.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief and general insight into the initial stages of physiotherapy. Every person is different, and every client will be assessed and treated individually according to their needs, with a personalised and goal-centred approach.

Please reach out if you have any questions

Take care and talk soon 🙂